Yarn Dyed Cotton Fabric Bundle of 3, Taupe Purples


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Bundle of 3 fat quarters of dyed yarn 100% cotton fabric suitable for piecework, quilting, applique, clothing, and other home sewing projects. Especially suitable for Yoko Saito patterns, boro stitching, Japanese quilting, patterns calling for homespun fabrics and hand stitching backgrounds.

3 pieces each 19" x 22".  Think the colour of bubbling hot huckleberry pie juice!  The safety pin shown for scale is 1 inch long. Note: These are taupe colours, taupes shades have a muted tone.

Care: Machine wash and dry, press while slightly damp if desired. These fabrics are colourfast and have no noticeable shrink when washed. 

Dyed Yarn fabrics have the yarn (threads) dyed before the fabric is woven. This means the colour is woven into the fabric rather than printed onto the surface.  These fabrics often they have a few threads of various weights woven into them to create texture and interest.

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