Woodland Stitchery Embroidery Pattern Book

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Woodland Stitches by Stacie Bloomfield, is a book of 30 embroidery pattern transfer patterns, along with directions for transferring the patterns to your fabric and instructions and tips for stitching the designs.

    Stacie Bloomfield gives you 3 ways to transfer the designs to fabric to make them ready to stitch. One is to use regular tracing paper, so just to avoid confusion this is a note to say that sewing transfer paper is not the same thing. There is tracing involved, but to use the sewing transfer paper you lay it over your fabric with the 'waxy' side down, then lay the pattern paper over the sewing carbon.  Using a dull tip tool ( I use a ball point pen) trace over the design fairly firmly. The lines you trace will be transferred onto the fabric surface ready for stitching. They will wash out when your stitching is finished.