Visible Mending Patches, Bright Medium Weight Fabrics


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These are washable, sturdy, fade resistant fabrics especially suitable for mending jeans and for making durable home decor projects (eg.deck cushion, table mats, zakka projects...) They are perfect for visible mending, patchwork, or boro inspired embellishment. You don't need to prewash.

Package of 14 unique 4" X 4" patches cut from medium weight cottons and cotton/linen fabrics for your Visible Mending and Boro stitching projects. The fabrics in this pack are bright colours, and no two pieces are exactly the same.

The patches in the pack you receive are cut from the same bolts as the fabrics in the photograph here, but will not be identical because they are cut from different areas on the fabric. A few packs contain two fabric pieces that are different, but similar, to the ones shown here.

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