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Tsumugi Cotton Fabric, Choose Colour & Length


Olympus, Japan, developed this affordable cotton version of the expensive traditional Japanese Tsumugi silk fabric. The colors, especially the lighter colors, have the earthy muted quality which the original process would have created.  Choose color when ordering.

Use the light weight woven fabric for quilting, applique, clothing and stitching. It has soft drape, is colorfast, and has no significant shrinkage. It is Also available in larger cuts, in 4" X 4" precut packs, and with wash away preprinted sashiko design. 

This Tsumugi is a dyed yarn shot cotton which works well with many of our yarn dyed fabrics. Shot cotton fabrics are made by using two colors of yarn, one color for the warp, a second color for the weft. This results in a  distinctive appearance. You already know that dyed yarn fabrics are made from yarn (threads) that are dyed before the fabric is woven. This results in saturated colors and usually both sides of the fabric are suitable for using as "the right side". 

Ordering: This fabric is 44" wide. 

Order by units as follows:  1 unit will be 1/4 meter (10" X 44"),  2 units will be 1/2 meter (19 3/4" X 44" ), 3 units will be 3/4 meter (29 1/2" X 44"), 4 units will be 1 meter (39" X 44") and so on.. Your fabric will be sent in one continuous piece, up to 5 meters.

I've included a photograph of my Hippari coat to show how the fabric drapes. 

Hippari coat pattern

Pattern on the back of Hippari