Traditional Sashiko Sampler, Seigaiha (Waves)


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This traditional sashiko waves pattern is printed on 100% cotton fabric with wash away markings.  You just thread your sashiko needle with sashiko thread and enjoy the stitching.  Sashiko threads comes in many colours, choose your favourite, or use traditional white. This fabric is easy to stitch, any of the sashiko threads and sashiko needles on this website are suitable. 

How to

I have included basic directions in English and the package insert has direction of stitching marked on the package insert image.

Remember the markings will wash out so don't get the fabric damp before you have finished stitching. Also, please don't iron it! You may not be able to wash out the markings if you do. (You can iron it after it is stitched and washed)

The sashiko printed design is 12" x 12" but the fabric provided is 13" x 26".  For a nicer and more traditional sashiko piece, fold the unprinted fabric to the back of the printed fabric and do the stitching through both layers. 

Uses & Care

This fabric sampler is called a Hana Fukin, which means a useful household cloth. You can use these in the kitchen to cover a bowl of fruit, eggs, or breads, or as table mats, or as absorbent tea towels. You can also use them to make cushions, or stitch several together to make a runner.  They also make excellent quilt blocks combines with other cotton dyed yarn or Japanese print fabrics.

Sashiko stitching is durable and machine washable. This fabric and thread will become prettier with repeat washing as they both thicken and the thread plumps up a little.   I dry mine in a low heat dryer, remove before entirely dry, and press. 


Most sashiko designs are abstract drawings objects in the natural world, and/or symbolic of meanings associated with life and the environment.  This design seikai-ha or waves was common to find on clothing and household textiles along coastal areas of Japan.

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