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DIY Single Side Zipper


One of my favorite things! You put these one sided zippers together yourself - hence the diy (do it yourself). It sounds very odd, but once you catch on to the idea it's a whole new "sewing playground"!

Easy to use, these #3 size nylon zippers add a energy to your project. You choose your color and you zipper pull separately, the put it together to suit yourself - either all matching or mixing colors!

Order by the 20 cm length.  Example: If you order two 20cm sides you will can make an 18cm (7") zipper.  The length you order will be send uncut. 1 unit = 20cm (8"), 2 units = 40cm (16"), 3 units = 60cm, (24") and so on. 

You can cut through these zippers to make them any length you want.  The ends of your zipper will not be finished and are meant to be held together in the seam of your sewing project. To sew across the teeth, I recommend using a Jeans needle and stitching very slowly (or stitch across the teeth by hand)

Choose color and length when placing your order.  

 We also have the metal loop zipper pull to match these zippers. You need one for each zipper you will be making.

Note: If your zippers gets creased during shipping, steam iron the fabric edge on low heat before you use it. The teeth can stand the heat, but I still wouldn't put the iron right on top of them!