Sashiko Temari Table Mat Kit


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This short sashiko table runner kit is already hemmed and has the sashiko design printed on it in wash away print so you can just open the bag, thread your needle with the sashiko thread and sashiko needle provided and enjoy your new project. Kit includes leather sashiko needle, leather palm thimble and enough thread to complete the stitching. 

(TIP: When sashiko stitching, always leave a bit of slack thread on the back whenever you carry a thread from one place to another, and leave a tiny loop of thread when you turn a corner. This will allow for shrinkage in the thread as the project is stitched and later washed and dried. Sashiko thread plumps up and gets prettier when washed but you don't want it to pull your design too much.

If you find the thick sashiko thread too hard to pull through, you can thin it by pulling a few strands out. Although sashiko thread is meant to be used as it comes, some people do find the thread in these kits quite thick.  


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