Sashiko Sampler "Tatewaku" (Navy)


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This sashiko stitching sampler is a relaxing easy stitching project with the same timeless and peaceful beauty we associate with other sashiko patterns.

  • A good beginner sashiko project
  • English instructions included

The pattern is printed with wash away ink on Japanese sarashi-momen cotton cloth. Keep it dry until you have finished stitching. After that, a short soak and rinse will remove the print entirely leaving your stitching clear and beautiful. (Do not iron until after washing, heat may set the ink.) 

This is from the Olympus Nagomi "Sashiko Flower Cloth"series.

In the original design "Tatewaku" combines a dignified depiction of rising steam with purples reminiscent of the elegant wisteria. (You can, of course, stitch in any colours you enjoy.)

 Nagomi refers to Japanese concepts of wellness resulting from emotional balance, ease and calmness of attitude. These are qualities many of us find in Sashiko stitching because of the simplicity of the stitching technique, coupled with the timeless beautiful designs that emerge gradually and easily as we stitch.

  • Finished size is 12" X 12"
  • 100% cotton cloth, Navy. 
  • Sashiko thread recommended: 2 skeins of 20 meter Olympus Sashiko thread. 
  • This Sashiko cloth can be machine washed and dried after it is completed so it is suitable for use in making other projects.
  •  Possible uses include frames samplers, table toppers, cushions, quilt blocks, good size pockets on shopping bags and so on. (See my blogs on this website for more ways to use them)



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