Sashiko Pre-printed Fabric Panel


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This  lovely panel of ready to stitch sashiko designs has eight  8" x 8" blocks and a series of bonus motifs on soft Japanese tsumugi cotton fabric (looks a bit like shot cotton) in deep crimson red. The print washes away completely so keep it dry till the stitching is finished! 

Recommended thread - 100 meter skein Olympus thread

This makes a nice set of blocks for a quilt. We have pre cut 4" x 4" mixed color tsumugi fabrics to combine with it, and some solid colors in yardage as well. The navy wagera momen fabrics also combine well with this fabric for weight and drape.

Don't wash or iron this panel until AFTER you have finished stitching it!. Heat will set the print, and washing will remove it.

Random Tip :-) I always prewash my fabrics when I am combining more than one type in a project, just to make sure any shrink or change that is going happen, happens before they are sewn together.