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Sashiko Pre Printed Fabric - Waves


This mid weight 100% cotton twill from Olympus is still my favourite of all the available sashiko pre printed fabrics for making table linens, bags, or anything that will benefit from a fabric with a firmer hand.  It is cream colored, easy to pull your needle through, washes well ( but only after the sticthing is finished please!) and keeps it's body. Do not iron before washing.

Order by the half meter (1 unit will be 19.5" X 42", 2 units will be 1 meter 39" X 42")

The print washes away entirely after your stitching is completed, so you can choose to leave areas unstitched to increase your design options. (When making a project, I trace my pattern pieces and stitch only those areas - no need to stitch what I will cut away)

This fabric comes in cream and navy and in several pre printed designs. Look for the others in our pre printed sashiko section. I will be adding more during 2017.

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