Sashiko Kit, Hemp Leaf Table Mat Kit


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Hemp Leaf Sashiko kit contains hand dyed indigo cotton fabric printed with iron away markings, matching backing fabric, and and a self adhesive filling layer.

The fabric in this kit is 100% cotton and has been hand dyed using indigo dye.  Indigo is a plant that has been used in many countries dating back centuries.  When you iron this fabric after you have finished your stitching and assembling, you may notice a distinctive 'barnyard-y' oder which will disappear as soon as the cloth cools.  This oder is one way you can tell if an indigo colour comes from the natural plant dye or is a simulated by chemical dye!  Like all indigo dyed fabrics the colour will alter and fade gently with washings. This is a quality of natural plant dyes which many of us enjoy. They alter gradually over time, changing in their beauty.

Size: 32cm (12 1/2") diameter. 

  • This kit comes with no english instructions for sashiko stitching but you can find some in my blogs at and on u-tube.
  • Do not iron before you are finished stitching. Ironing will remove the markings. Do not get wet before you have finished stitching as water will dissolve and blur the markings.
  • Basic instructions for finished the mat after stitching are included. 
  • You will need sashiko thread and a sashiko needle. 

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