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Sashiko Kit - Four 9" traditional design blocks and supplies

Be Be Bold

This kit is a good choice for a first time sashiko stitcher, or if your are looking for a few sashiko blocks to add into your quilt top.  It contains 4 different sashiko blocks (9" x 9" each)  plus 4 flower motifs, 1 skein of 100 meters of Olympus sashiko thread, and a package of Olympus needles (one short, one long) and a leather sashiko thimble.

Fabric and thread are 100% cotton. Fabric is printed with wash away stitching lines.

Do not iron before stitching, and do not  wash until after stitching is completed.

All you need to do is thread your needle with about 20" of the sashiko thread, stitch over the printed markings, and when all the stitching is finished, wash the fabric to remove the markings.  

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