Sarasa Cotton Fabric, Black Print


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 Like most of the Olympus Sarasa cotton fabrics this one has the texture of old fashioned cotton fabrics.  It is suitable for machine and hand stitching projects. Use it for quilting, applique, clothing, bags, and home decor projects.

This cotton Sarasa fabric is manufactured for Olympus in Japan. By combining traditional Japanese dying and weaving methods with modern technology they create high quality colourfast fabrics while maintaining the look of the early Sarasa fabrics.

Machine washable, colourfast, no shrinkage. 


Order in 1/4 meter increments (10" X 44"). To order 1/2 meter order 2, for 3/4 meter order 3 units, and so on. The fabric will be sent to you in one continuous piece.

What is Sarasa?

Sarasa is the Japanese term for calico cotton fabrics, which were first imported to Japan by Portuguese Sea Traders. By the early 1600's Japan began to manufacture their own Sarasa fabrics and export them to France. The colours and designs used in this Olympus Sarasa cotton fabric are inspired by those imported fabrics.  

The early Sarasa (calico) fabric designs were enormously popular with the Samurai and merchant classes, but because the fabric was high priced, it was used to make small items like tea cosies and small purses. Later as production became less expensive, it was used for kimonos and hangings.

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