Pre-printed Graphing Fabric


100% cotton fabric has tiny wash-away dots printed on it for you to use as a graph for drawing out sashiko and sashiko hitomezashi designs. After you have stitched your design the printed dots will wash away in warm water.  The printed area is 12" x 12" and comes with another 12" unprinted area which you are meant to fold to the back so that you will be stitching through two fabric layers. 

Use a white quilter's rub away pencil or chalk fabric marker and ruler to draw your sashiko design onto the fabric. Do not use an iron away pen because if you iron the fabric before you wash it heat will make the dots permanent on the fabric. Remember also that getting it damp before you are finished will remove the markings.

These are also available in oblique grid markings for designs that need diagonals :-), and in yardage for larger projects.