Persimmon Pattern Sashiko Table Mat Kit


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This kit contains everything except scissors to make a earthy tone persimmon pattern sashiko 9" x 14" finished table mat. This design is a lot of stitching but following the step by step diagram for stitching it is not difficult. There is enough thread that you to can choose to do either section of the design in either colour (see photos)

  • English instructions for sashiko stitching with order of stitching stitching diagram
  • 17" X 10" sakizome-momen cotton fabric with the pattern printed with wash out pattern
  • 17" X 10" matching fabric for backing
  • fusible inner filling layer
  • orange and brown sashiko threads
  • packet containing sashiko needle, also sewing needle, pins and sewing thread for hand sewing your stitching into a table mat (you could use a sewing machine of course! :-)

When you are finished your project you can soak and rinse out the  print, then press. The finished table mat can be machine washed and dried on low heat.


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