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Osnaburg Natural Cotton Fabric


Price is for 1 meter.  Unbleached natural color with brown flecks. 100% cotton, crease resistant, expect 2% shrinkage. Machine wash and dry on low heat. 

This is one of the best solutions for those of us who want to stitch through more than one layer of fabric when making sashiko projects (or for backing Boro patches). This  has a very open weave, so you hardly feel any drag when pulling the thick sashiko thread and needle through.

But here are a couple things to know: It feels like cardboard when it's new. You must zig zag the raw edges and then put it through your washer and dryer a couple times to be sure all the starch is washed out (soften it) and to get it well pre-shrunk. It is best to use cool/warm heat only, and take it out of the dryer before it is totally dry.

This fabric lends an old fashioned vintage-y feel to your sashiko project.

Other backing and filling layer option: Pre quilted batting

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