Oatmeal Colour Unbleached Osnaburg Cotton Fabric

$3.99 CAD

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I like to use this fabric when I am sashiko stitching and would like to stitch through two or more layers of cloth. It is also excellent for a foundation fabric for backing your fabric pieces when stitching boro cloths.  

Ordering: Sold pre-cut in 19"X22" (quarter meter) pieces. If you order more than 1 each piece will be that size.

 This fabric has a lot of manufacturing starch in it when it is new (it is almost cardboard stiff) until you wash that out, and then it is very soft and drape-y.  When it is washed it will soften a lot and be soft with good drape.  I wash it and put it through the dryer twice before using it because I want to be sure I have got all the shrink and starch out of it. 

Because it is a very open weave it will fray when washed, it is best to zig zag the raw  edges BEFORE you wash it. It will shrink more than most fabrics.