Japanese Sewing Fabric, Morikiku Cotton


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This fabric is a slighty crisp cotton dobby weave printed fabric manufactured in Morikiku, Japan.   Morikiku has been manufacturing small run high quality natural fibre fabrics from cotton and hemp in Japan for over 100 years. A dobby weave pattern creates texture, in this fabric it is subtle, just enough to enhance the design.

This is a printed kasuri Yabane design in dark gold bronze hues. The yabane (arrow) design is a traditional Japanese design representing hawk or eagle feathers used to feather arrows.  (Side note: In the time when cloth was handwoven, designs often symbolised ideas, indicated tribe, family, marital status and faith, or told stories.  In the Japanese Edo period (1603-1868) this design was sometimes used as a good luck wish on kimonos given to brides because arrows do not return once sent out.  It represented the hope that all would go well and the bride would not need to return to her birth family!)

This is a 100% cotton, medium weight, dobby weave fabric with a slightly open weave and crisp drape.  It has a subtle sheen and a slight texture.  It would be beautiful used for clothing, quilting, and home accessories (pillows, cushion or drapes...)

Size: 44 inches (111.8 cm) wide total and the printed area of the fabric is 43.5 inches (110.5 cm) wide.

Fabric weight: 182g/m²

Care: Machine wash and dry on low settings

How to order the length you need: Available in increments of 1/4 meter (25cm or 10 inches). Examples: If you want to half a meter put 2 in the number ordered box, if you want a meter put 4 and so on.  Your fabric will be sent to you in one uncut piece.

Manufactured in: Morikiku, Japan


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