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BK1053 - Asymmetrical Ball Clasp Purse Frame


Make a modern vintage style bag with this antique gold or silver metal asymmetrical ball clasp purse frame. The cross bars screw off so it is easy to replace the fabric part of the purse with a different fabric. Make one to match your evening dress, and another for another occasion.

This frame can make a sweet (or spicy) evening purse.  I've seen them made in satin, lace, sequins, fake fur, quilted, pieced and embroidered. However, don't overlook its home-body work box possibilities. Mine is made from home-y taupe cotton fabric and I use it to hold my stitching projects. The mouth will sit open wide making it easy to see what you are looking for, especially if you use Soft & Stable as an interlining (enter 'Soft & Stable' in the search box to find some).

The frame measures 9"W x 7"H (23cm x 17cm) The bag size will depend on the pattern you use with it.

Frame only. No Pattern.



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