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BK1052 - Asymmetrical Ball Clasp Purse Frame


Antique gold color metal purse frame with pattern and directions.

Make a modern vintage style bag with this asymmetrical ball clasp purse frame. The cross bars screw off so it is easy to replace the fabric part of the purse with a different fabric. Sew a few and switch them to match your mood!

This frame can make a sweet (or spicy) evening purse. I've seen them made in satin, lace, sequins, fake fur, quilted, pieced and embroidered. However, don't overlook its home-body work box possibilities. Mine is made from home-y taupe cotton fabric and I use it to hold my stitching projects. The mouth will sit open wide making it easy to see what you are looking for, especially if you use Soft & Stable as an interlining (enter 'Soft & Stable' in the search box to find some).

The frame measures 6"W x 6"H (16cm x 15.5cm)
Materials list: 18" X 22" each of the following: 

Fabric for outer bag  

Fabric for inner bag

Stabilizer: Soft & Stable or similar product

Two sided fusible lightweight adhesive (eg Heat n' Bond sewable)

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