Large Flex Frames

$29.95 CAD

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These are similar to the small flex frames except they are much larger and stronger.

 Choose size: 8" 10" or 12"

They are made of flexible metal which is jointed to allow it to pull open. They are not easily pulled open, which makes a secure bag closure.

The ends have brass coloured pins which pull out to let the two sides come apart. You pull out the pin, slide the arms through a casing in your project, then push the pins back in.

The pins need pliers to remove them, and when you put them back in you must have the holes perfectly lined up.  If you find yourself fighting to get the pin in, take a breath and line them up better!  You can't force it through ( hammering won't work, I tried! :-D) but it will go in easily and stay tight once lined up properly.

NOTE: These do not come with directions! Sorry :-)