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Kogin Sashiko Sampler


Kogin Sashiko ready to stitch sampler block.  The design is printed on the fabric in dashed lines which will wash out after you have completed your stitching.  You just thread your sashiko needle with sashiko thread and enjoy the stitching. 60 yards (3 - 20 yard pkgs) 0f sashiko thread is usually enough.

The sashiko design is 12" x 12" but the fabric provided is 13" x 26". For a nicer and more traditional sashiko piece, fold the fabric and do the stitching through both layers. 

In Kogin sashiko designs cover the fabric more densely than sashiko designs. It was used where fabric would get  a lot of wear to make it stronger (cuffs, collars, handles...).  As with all sashiko stitching you will take care to leave some looseness in your threads at the back of the project to allow for it to stay flat as the stitching continues and when washed. 

This fabric and the sashiko thread will become prettier after being washed a few times. Be sure to finish any raw edges first, but then you can throw it in the washing machine. Remove while damp and iron.

Make a cushion, stitch several blocks and make a runner, or stitch a few more and make a quilt top...or even use them in the kitchen as absorbent tea towels. No matter what you do with it, this design is charming.

Note: Please do not iron the design before you have stitched it or the printed design may not wash out later.

Find more about how to do sashiko stitching, especially how to leave slack thread when turning corners or carrying thread over an area on the back, in our blog.

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