Indigo Dyed Cotton Fabric Pack

$25.99 CAD

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This is collection of 100% cotton fabric dyed by hand with natural plant dye, mostly indigo. Among them are some resist printed katazome and some screen printed designs. The fabric textures range from soft smooth cottons to mid-weight coarser textured cottons.  

Prewash?  No blue has come off on my fingers as I handled these so I believe they the dye is well fixed in the cloth, but check for yourself by rinsing in warm water. They won't shrink. 

Size:  These sizes of the pieces vary, they are approx 9" X 9", some a bit smaller, some a bit bigger, some square, some rectangle.

Care:   Plant dyes do fade over time, way indigo dyed colour fades is part of why it is so valued, it increases in beauty.  You can machine wash and dry, but it is good to take them out of the dryer before they are totally dry. Cotton fabric looses its niceness when over dryed.

These are suitable for home decor sewing, visible mending, boro, piecework and applique work. They would make beautiful mending or embellishment on jeans

There are not many of these packages and they are unlikely to be repeated although I will look for similar fabrics.