Fun Summer Embroidery Patterns


Whimsical embroidery patterns contain an 8 1/2" x 11" pattern, with a reverse copy, also transfer and embroidery directions and tips.  Choose one of four designs.

Suggestions for transferring: Lay embroidery tracing paper (sewing carbon) color side down over your fabric. Place your pattern over the tracing paper and trace over its lines with a ball point pen OR lay the design over a light box and your fabric over the design, trace with an iron away fabric pen.

Tip for stitching: You don't have to trace and stitch everything in the pattern. Personalize it by leaving out (or adding in)  bits. If you feel some tiny areas are too difficult to stitch, try drawing them with Fabrico permanent ink pens and stitching the rest. The ink will stay clear through many many washings.