Natural Fabrics Visible Mending Kit

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This is a mending fabric kit for those who crave hard to come by small pieces of new strong natural fibre fabric....the visible menders, the eco fashionistas, the wabi-Sabi stitchers, the zakka lovers....   Whatever your stitching technique, be it sashiko, boro, embroidery, slow stitching or 'just make it up as you go', these are for your stitching journey.

The package contains:

  • 8 different pieces of cloth, 10" x 10" or larger (about 1 meter total). They are hemp, linen, cotton or blends of two of these (linen-cotton, hemp-cotton)
  • 2 skeins of natural plant dyed persimmon tannin stitching cotton, one dusty brick, one dusk gray. 40 meters each skein and
  • a pack of 4 Olympus sashiko needles in four sizes so you can find the size that is comfortable for you. I chose sashiko needles for this kit because they don't bend with use and have large eyes suitable to the thicker mending threads.

Note: Prewash by soaking in warm water until the fibre is well saturated, towel dry, then press to finish drying. Some of these fabrics will barely shrink and some will shrink more, if you plan to stitch them to each other you must preshrink them well first. 

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