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Sashiko Preprinted Fabric Kit - Seikaiha (Waves) Design


The sashiko design is pre printed on navy fabric, so you can just thread your needle and enjoy the stitching. The sashiko design is 12" x 12" but the fabric provided is 13" x 26". Use the remaining fabric as backing  or for a more traditional sashiko look, fold the unprinted fabric to the back of the printed fabric and stitch through both.

New: Kit comes with english directions. You will need 2 to 4 sashiko 20 yard skeins of thread (depending on the design) and a sashiko needle (look in our sashiko threads & needles section)

The printed dash lines wash away easily after the stitching is finished. This fabric and the sashiko thread will become prettier after being washed a few times. Be sure to finish any raw edges before washing.

Make a cushion, stitch several and make a runner, stitch a few more and make a quilt top...or even use them in the kitchen as absorbent tea towels. No matter what you do with it, this design is charming.

For more about how to stitch these Olympus sashiko fabric kits with pre printed wash away designs, see our blog entry.

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