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36 Piece Pkg 6" x 6" Dyed Yarn fabric

Imported from Japan

36 beige, green, and brown pieces, hand cut 6" x 6".  These are cut from the same dyed yarn fabrics as we sell in yardage.  There are very few repeat pieces in this bundle. Note that as they are hand cut they will not always measure exactly 6" x 6". These are a great way to get a range of colors for applique or designs that use tiny pieces.  I wish I could always have bundles of small cuts available, but it is time consuming to make them, so it happens only when I have a collection of the ends of bolts :-)

Dyed yarn 100% cotton fabric is suitable for piecework, quilting, applique, clothing and other sewing projects.  Especially nice for Japanese quilting and Yoko Saito projects.

Care: Color fast and minimal shrink. Machine wash and dry, press while slightly damp if desired.

Dyed Yarn fabrics have the yarn (threads) dyed before the fabric is woven. This means the color is woven into the fabric rather than printed onto the surface.  These fabrics often they have a few threads of various weights woven into them to create texture and interest.

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