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Bear Kit

Kiriki Embroidery

In each lovely little box is a full size color card of the project, fabric pieces printed for both front and back of project, embroidery thread, stuffing, and good directions. All you need to add is an embroidery hoop and needle. This  Kiriki toy measures about  4" high x  2" wide and is machine washable. NOTE: This kit is for making the stuffie toy, the same as the bunny and doll pictured with it. I made a needle book cover from it instead but there are NO directions for doing this included.

The kits contain clear how to directions for learning the embroidery stitches. Level 1 kits for beginners use basic stitches and cover some areas of the fabric. Level 2 and 3 teach more stitches and cover more of the fabric area.

 Bear is level 2

PS. They are addictive! And designed and made in Canada :-)  I've made several, and the only tip I can give beyond what they tell you in their directions is to put an extra layer of white fabric under the white areas so the stitches don't show through. No need on the colored areas.