Small Mending/Weaving Loom

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This 10 hook Speedweve style weaving/mending loom is a replica of the original mending looms designed in the 1940s and 1950s. They are a clever, practical, mending tool designed to be able to raise alternate threads in a row of warp (vertical) threads in order to make it quicker and easier to lay in the weft (horizontal) threads. 

This 10 hook size loom will make patches about 2" square. It comes in a re-usable storage box with step by step instructions (English and with photographs), extra long needle, round mending surface, metal loom, elastics and yarn hook.

Intended for mending small holes in clothing and household fabrics, this small 10 hook loom is suitable for use with mid weight knitting yarns because the hooks are spaced a little wider than the 14 hook loom. (Although, you can use the 14 hook loom with thick yarns by using every second hook, making it a '7 hook' loom)
By combining thread textures and colours you have nearly unlimited creative possibility.
Notes:This loom may come with either wood or plastic weaving surface disc.
These photos show the 14" loom but they look the same, just 4 less hooks :-)