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Cotton Fabric - 20 Dyed Yarn Fat Quarters

Imported from Japan

A good way to jump start your dyed yarn fabric collection! This twenty fat quarter pieces (19" x 22" each) collection ranges from sandy taupe, through a range of greens, browns, and bricky reds. Perfect if you like nature inspired colors.

100% yarn dyed cotton fabric suitable for quilting, applique, clothing, soft toys and zakka projects. This fabric is a bit heavier than quilting (sheeting) fabric, has more texture and a softer feel. Machine wash and dry, iron while still damp if desired. This fabric won't shrink, bleed or fade. You don't have to prewash it, but I recommend you do anyway for projects with large pieces and projects that you expect to wash frequently. There is some change in all fabrics when washed the first time, even if minimal, so pre-washing helps the project age better :-)  

Dyed yarn fabrics get their distinctive look from the yarn (threads) being dyed before the fabric is woven. Often a few different weights of yarn, and some variety in the weaving pattern, are used to create interesting texture.  This technique results in the many of these fabrics having two 'right' sides, and sometimes the two sides look so distinctively different they can be used as if they were two different fabrics.

This fabric is often referred to as Japanese fabric or homespun fabric, and it is popular for home sewing and quilting. Projects made with it will have a gentle, peaceful feeling because of the gentle taupe-y tones.

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