Ceramic Japanese Pin Bowl, Emerald Lake

$26.00 CAD

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When I discovered Japanese pin bowls I thought how beautiful they would be made in pottery bowls.  I couldn't find a source for any so I made a few. (Have I mentioned I've been using the pottery studio at The Act in Maple Ridge, BC, for a few years? I love this community!)

There will only ever be one of this bowl.  I'll include instructions for how to make the pin cushion part to go in them, but the fabric you choose and the design you put on your fabric is all up to you. Embroidery, Kogin,  boro, or tiny sashiko stitching, tiny piecework or applique...  whatever you do, it will be forever one of a kind art.

The character of this one is glossy and bold

Diameter 2 1/4" X Height 1 1/2"

Colour: Emerald Lake Green

Food safe: Yes, this bowl was kiln fired with food safe glaze and is dishwasher safe (in case it appears to you to be a Wasabi or Tamari :-D )

This bowl comes wrapped in Japanese fabric in a gift box