Boro Starter Kit


This is an updated version of an earlier beginner boro kit. Along with how to make a simple boro cloth, there are more photographs, a brief history, and a few ideas for adding variety to your stitches.

The kit includes 1/4 meter of lightweight cotton fabric (20" X 22") for backing fabric, and 55+ grams of small pieces of new dyed yarn cotton fabric.  These average 3" to 5" in size in a variety of colours, and are hand cut in squares and rectangles. There is enough to make a 20" X 22" boro fabric.  There is also a leather sashiko thimble, a package of two sashiko needles, and 2 skeins of white sashiko thread, 20 meters each.

After you have made your boro fabric, you can simply hem and enjoy it, or you can use a sewing pattern to cut and sew something from your cloth.

If you are looking for small pieces of dyed yarn fabric only, click here 

If you would like to see some images of my boro stitching projects see this blog. You can also find other blog entries about boro stitching in my sashiko blogs on this website.