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Birdsong by Echino

Echino for Kokka

Echino linen cotton fabric from Japan.  Echino fabric's depth of color and great design elements make this fabric both modern and  timeless. Perfect for home decor projects (curtains, cushions, upholster a footstool maybe?) and for bags and purses. There is  a lot of flexibility in one meter of this design, depending on how you cut it for your project. The areas are large enough it is like having 3 or 4 pieces of coordinating designs. The birds are 6" in length. Each area: the pale blue upper 'sky', distant flying birds on natural background color, birds on vines, and blue lower area, measure about 11" in width.

Ordering: Available in 1 meter cuts only. (39" x 44" wide)

Note: The clasp bag sample in these photos is made from the green color way, not this  blue one.

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