Located in Canada. If you are in the USA you will see the exchange rate (about 25% less) on your payment account statement.

Where to find A Threaded Needle for shopping in the "Real World"

Look for the  A Threaded Needle Booth at these Merchant Malls in 2020:

March 27 & 28 at Creativ Festival, which is held every spring in the Tradex Convention Center building in Abbotsford BC.

June 18, 19 & 20 at Quilt Canada in Edmonton, Alberta. I believe this is at the Shaw Centre, but google www.quiltcanada.com to be sure.

And probably the October Knit City show in Vancouver, at the PNE Forum building.

Can you drop by and shop or pick up orders?  As you know, A Threaded Needle is in Maple Ridge, BC, now and I wish I could say "drop in" but I am an online business and as much as I enjoy seeing customers (and as much as I hate the price of shipping too)  I don't want to distress my new neighbours with extra traffic. I'm exploring either limited "by appointment shopping" or opening an occasional pop up store.   Either way, it'll be 2020 before I have any news on this :-)