We are in Canada. If you are in the USA the exchange rate will make your purchases about 25% less.

Where to shop with us in "Real Life"

November 2019 Here is where I expect to be in 2020 In the Spring at Creativ Festival, which is held every spring at the Tradex building in Abbotsford BC. I don't have dates yet, but you can search Creativfestival.com In June 2020 at Quilt Canada in Edmonton, Alberta. I am still holding off on drop in shopping on site. More news about local shopping at A Threaded Needle as soon as I figure out how best to make that work for me and my new neighbourhood :-) I don't want to distress them with extra traffic. I'm exploring either limited "by appointment shopping" or opening an occasional pop up store. Either way, it'll be 2020 before I have any news on this :-)