We are in Canada. If you are in the USA the exchange rate will make your purchases about 25% less.

FAQ - Location, Shipping & Returns

     A Threaded Needle is an independently owned online retail sewing supply business. I started the business with sashiko stitching products in 2005 because I am an addicted stitcher and maker myself.
A Threaded Needle is a small business, so the person filling your orders, answering your emails, and helping with anything we can, will likely be me (Susan), or Hanay, who many of you have met when we work at merchant shows. The website is hosted by Shopify.ca, but I do the photography, and add products myself.
I use most of the products I sell, and where possible I try to show you photographs of how they "make up" or can be used, both on the website and in my social media feeds.
My retail focus is Sashiko, Boro, slow stitching, Japanese quilting, dyed yarn fabrics, Japanese fabrics and purse & bag hardware and frames. You can see the products sold on the website being made into projects, and find tutorials and examples, in my blogs, and on social media.
    In 2005 the business began in a ramble-y old yellow shingle house in Gibsons BC, Canada, where I got to enjoy the ocean and mountains outside my windows. In 2019 we relocated both home and business to Maple Ridge BC (about an hour from Vancouver, BC) to live in walking distance of grandchildren! How lucky are we? 
There is still no store front :-) 
Shipping: I ship in Canada and the United States. Currently we are no longer shipping outside of North America.
     In most cases orders are filled and mailed in 3-4 business days. You will receive an automated email to say it has been mailed when I pick up your order to pack it.  If that is on the weekend, the post office will not receive it until Monday.
     I use Canada Post for shipping. There is an app that connects my website to Canada Post and it figures out the cost by the weight of your order plus your postal code. They give me bit of a discount on shipping and I pass that on to you.
     Here are two shipping costs tips: The price goes up at increments of weight, so if you are ordering a book or fabric, for example, you can often add quite a bit more to your order without the shipping price changing.
     You can see the shipping price (and see what happens as you add and remove things from your cart by entering your address in the shopping cart. the system can't calculate the cost unless it has your postal code. 
Right up until you have entered a payment you can always simply adjust and/or abandoned your shopping cart.  I don't receive (can't see) your order until after it has been successfully paid.
Returns Policy:
       I am careful about the products I choose  for my online store so that you can trust that the quality of your order will be consistent. However problems and mistakes sometimes happen so if anything not right with your order please email me and I will help fix it. It does sometimes happen that it takes me a few days to reply, that just can't be helped, but it doesn't mean I don't care. You will be on my mind till we resolve things.
If for some reason you want to return an order, or part of one, please do it within 30 days and in the condition you received it and I will refund to the method you used when you made the purchase.