Gift making season is begun!

Gift making season is begun!

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Learn how to Sashiko stitch

Learn Sashiko

These 4 free Sashiko Tutorials were written for beginners but are organized so you can quickly find areas you may want to review. I hope you will enjoy sashiko stitching as much as I do!

How to sashiko stitch

Sashiko Blog Posts

Hitome-zashi sashiko cloth "Snow Crystals"

How to stitch "Snow Crystals" Olympus Hitome-zashi Sashiko Design Kit

Snow Crystals.

This is how to stitch the Olympus Hitome-zashi Sashiko kit Snow Crystals.

 Olympus Hitome-zashi Sashiko kit called Snow Crystals.

 I've written it to supplement the Japanese language instructions and stitching diagrams that come with the pre-printed fabric. 

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back of sashiko stitching with no knots

How to do sashiko stitching without using knots.

How to do sashiko stitching without using knots. 
Front                                           Back
Sashiko stitching without knots Sashiko stitching without using knots
If you want the back of your stitching to look as close as possible to the front here is a method that looks the same on both sides. It involves taking some tiny stitches under existing stitches. Here is how...

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Japanese  pin bowl with piece work cushion

Making a Japanese Pin Bowl

Japanese wood pin bowl cushionJapanese pottery pin bowl
Japanese pin cushion bowls have become popular recently and as it turns out, despite their tiny cuteness they are functional.
Plus they have that Wabi-Sabi (happy-imperfect) handmade zakka (heart-smile) quality about them. 

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