Welcome to A Threaded Neelde

Welcome to A Threaded Neelde

There is an intangible but deeply felt quality contained in an object made by our own hands.

A Threaded Needle exist because I believe deeply in the importance of both making things by hand and of having made-by-hand things in our lives.

A Threaded Needle is an independent owned Canadian business (just me with occasional help)

I always like to have your ideas and comments, and absolutely I want to know if there are ever problems with my website, or products, or your orders. Please use e-mail to contact me, it simplifies my workload.


I'm looking forward to another season of being part of your creativity!

New 2024

New 2024

I know many of us want to reduce the use of plastics and over packaging. Now you can add a note on your order at checkout requesting minimal plastic packaging.

Blog posts

boro sashiko quilt

Some boro stitching thoughts and examples

This blog is just meant to give examples and stimulate ideas about boro stitching. It's not really a "how-to" so much as a "how-I-do" with photographs.

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a threaded sashiko needle

How to thread a sashiko needle

Sashiko thread is fat!

Even with the big eye sashiko needles, getting that very thick sashiko thread through the eye of the needle can seem rather like the proverbial camel :-D 

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Bag sewn from dyed yarn cotton fabric

A few bags sewn with dyed yarn cotton fabrics

Just for inspiration, this is some photographs of a few bags I have sewn from the the Japanese dyed yarn cotton fabrics

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