September. The month of (new project) beginnings!

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dyed yarn cotton fabrics

Dyed Yarn Japanese Fabrics Reference, Sept 2021

Reference photographs for the dyed yarn cotton Japanese fabrics September 2021.

I thought this would be useful when you are trying to compare and choose fabrics from the website listings.

dyed yarn cotton sewing and quilting fabrics

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Kuguri sashiko using wash out dot graph fabric

A Simple Project to make a Kuguri Sashiko Pouch

I've been writing about Kuguri Sashiko recently, and if you have been feeling interested in trying it, here is a simple first project to learn how.

How to do Kuguri Sashiko Stitching

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kuguri sashiko stitching

Kuguri-Sashi (Sashiko plus Weaving) How Much Thread Do You Need?


I know.   You were all set to try a kuguri-sashi sashiko stitching project, but then...

kuguri-sashi sashiko stitching and weaving technique

 How much thread do you need for these preprinted Kuguri-sashi fabrics?

Basic technique for Kuguri-sashi explained

Kuguri-sashi is one-stitch sashiko stitching and a needle weaving technique combined in a two step process to create beautiful textured cloth...

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