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These 4 free Sashiko Tutorials were written for beginners but are organized so you can quickly find areas you may want to review. I hope you will enjoy sashiko stitching as much as I do!

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How to Stitch:  La bouquetiere "Daisy" Sashiko Sampler

How to Stitch: La bouquetiere "Daisy" Sashiko Sampler

How to Stitch:  La bouquetiere "Daisy" sashiko Sampler 

Hitomesashi sashiko stitching looks impressively complicated when it is finished,  but it is relaxing and easy to do!

Hitomezashi sashiko sampler "Daisy"

This La Bouquetiere sashiko "Daisy" is a ready to stitch design printed with wash out ink on sarashi-momen (cotton) fabric and combines three different Hitomezashi designs.  This blog has step by step instructions along with some general information for stitching how to stitch hitomezashi sashiko samplers..

      Sashiko Hitomesashi sampler

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leaving some slack thread on the back of your sashiko stitching

Why it is important to leave some looseness in your sashiko stitching!

If I come back to this again and again when explaining sashiko stitching, and even in some the product descriptions on my website,  it is because it worries me! If you don't leave some slack (looseness) in the thread on the back of your sashiko stitching the fabric will pucker...

sashiko stitching sample

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sashiko thread comparison chart

How do you chose sashiko thread? Sashiko Threads Comparison Chart

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