Sashiko Graph Acrylic Stencil, 1 cm Line


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11cm square(4" X 4") hard acrylic stencil with 1cm spacing between the lines, comes with iron away marker.  Use it to make your own sashiko, boro, or hitome-sashi designs. This is a good quality acrylic that will not easily be broken.

This classic sashiko graph acrylic stencil lets you put you own sashiko or hitome-sashi sashiko design almost anywhere.  Simply use the iron away pen that comes with the stencil to mark you fabric, remove the stencil and use the pen to draw the stitching pattern lines.  Then stitch, iron the area to remove the markings, and you're done.

Great for adding visible mending stitching on clothing. 

Choose stencil with white or black colour pen when ordering.

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