Indigo Clay Resist Printing Kit


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Wish you could block print with indigo on your own fabric? You can with this clay resist kit!
The kit contains the pre-measured ingredients to create a thickened clay paste, which you can print onto cotton fabric.  Wood cut blocks and lino blocks are great for this,  you can also paint, stencil or otherwise apply the resist to your fabric.

Two notes: Your fabric must be well washed and free of any sizing or laundry detergents. Also, this kit only includes the ingredients for the clay paste. You will need an indigo dye pot  (vat)  for the actual dyeing.  You can use any indigo vat, including the one on this website.  Instructions are included in the box. 

Once your fabric is printed and dried you will put it into the indigo dye pot (vat), remove, wait for the indigo blue to fully develop and then wash away the clay resist to reveal your full blue and white design.  

This technique only works with indigo, since clay paste is soluble in water and would wash off in other dye baths, but the unique qualities of the indigo vat mean that the clay holds up in the indigo. 

The kit box contains:
15g magnesium sulphate (epsom salts)
30g gum arabic
50g calcium bentonite clay

These kits are made by Julie Sinden, a fibre artist in Ontario, Canada

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