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Boro Starter Kit

A Threaded Needle

This package is a good place to begin boro stitching. It contains 50+ grams of dyed yarn cotton fabrics in assorted colours, plus a 1/4 meter of light cotton fabric for stitching the fabrics pieces onto. It also includes 20 meters Olympus sashiko thread and a 2 needle pack of Olympus sashiko needles. Depending on how much you overlap fabrics pieces, and whether or not you turn your raw edges under as you stitch, this package will make about 20" X 22" square of boro stitched fabric. Some boro stitching instructions are included.

After you have made your boro fabric, you can simply hem and enjoy it, or you can use a sewing pattern to cut pieces and make a project.

If you are wanting to mend clothing with boro patches, or make additional boro projects, you might prefer Boro Fabric Patches Packages.