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New Boro Kits

Alderspring Design

I've replaced our Boro kit with two Boro kit options. Both kits now include needles. The difference between them is the amount of fabric and thread included in the package. The fabric pieces in the both kits are Japanese dyed yarn fabrics in assorted colors and textures and Japanese momen indigo blue fabrics with traditional Japanese Wagara designs. I've picked them to coordinate with each other, and to create a 'traditional' mood in you finished Boro piece, but note that the fabrics may not be exactly the ones shown here. The will be the same quality and fabric types, and similar in colors.

Choose:  Boro Starter Kit 1 or  Boro Starter Kit 2 when placing your order.

Boro Kit 1 contains: 35 grams of cut fabric pieces, 1/4 meter Osnaburg cotton fabric for backing, pack of 2 sashiko needles, 20 meter white sashiko thread skein, instructions.

Boro kit 2 contains: 65+ grams of cut fabric pieces, 1/4 meter Osnaburg cotton fabric, pack of 2 sashiko needles, 40 meters (2 skeins) white sashiko thread, instructions.

Basic instruction for making a square of Boro stitched fabric are include.  After you have stitched you Boro piece you can use your own project pattern to cut and make it into something, or you can hem it for a decorative mat.

You can find more packages of fabric for Boro stitching on this site. (Click the little magnifying glass in the top right corner of this page. Enter Boro in the screen that pops up)

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