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Super Ultra Thin Quilt Batting

Nakajima Co., Japan

Nakajima top grade super ultra thin polyester quilt batting is perfect for sashiko and hand stitched  projects when you want to hand stitch through the top fabric and a batting layer for a quilted project. It is also ideal batting for quilted clothing projects.

Easy to pull needle and thread through, washable with no shrink, non-allergenic and non-bearding, you can stitch this batting stitch up to 8" apart. 

Size: 36" x 40" (90cmx100cm), Loft:3/64" (1.2)cm, Weight 3.0 0z square yard (105g.)

Note for sashiko, you have the option of stitching the sashiko design through the one fabric only, then using pre quilted batting as a filling layer.    


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