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Sashiko & Weaving Design - Hemp Leaf and Coin


Ready to stitch 12" x 12" sashiko and weaving design is printed with wash out markings on cotton fabric. Just thread your needle and stitch!  I like this process of weaving an additional thread under the stitched threads. It adds another layer of peaceful meditative movement to the process of sashiko stitching these useful small cloths.  It also deepens the texture of the cloth so that as it is washed and dried it becomes increasingly interesting.  This is the fabric only. You will also need 3 skeins of 20 meter sashiko thread and a sashiko needle.

Here is a link to my blog tutorial with photographs for stitching this design.  Note that the instructions in the package are in Japanese but the diagrams are very good, and with the blog you won't need them anyway :-) And while you are there have a look at the other blogs about these hana fukin cloths!

Manufactured by Olympus, Japan, this is printed on the same cotton fabric as the other Hana-Fukin cloths we carry. It makes a 12 x 12 inch finished cloth which you can add into other sewing projects or hem and use alone.  

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