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Kitchen Towel Blank for Stitching


Good quality hemmed 100% cotton tea towel for sashiko stitching, embroidery or appliqué. Towel size: 20" x 28" Machine wash and dry.

You don't need to own a sewing machine! Clothing and household decor 'blanks' are pre-sewn, you just add your hand work.  Embroidery, sashiko, applique, draw, or use other embellishing techniques.  

I use the navy blue towel for sashiko stitching, but if you sashiko stitched the white one with any color, that would be pretty great too :-D

You can find more towel blanks, needles, threads, fabric pens, stencils, design transfer paper and transfer pens and pencils on this website. Or look in the Hand Stitching section.


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