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Sashiko Traditional Designs Panel #2

Indigo Niche

This sashiko ready to stitch panel is made up of six  6" x  6" traditional sashiko design blocks.  Printed on good quality medium weight navy 100% cotton fabric. 

An easy and lovely ready to stitch sashiko panel. There are 6 blocks, each 6"x 6" square, with enough space around them to cut them apart and sew them into your own project(s). or, add a border to the uncut panel and you'll have a quick and impressive runner. Alternatively, use them to embellish your other sewing projects - in a quilt, on a bag or zippy pouch or wherever you think!

Printed on 100% cotton 

Please note: While most sashiko pre printed fabric markings will wash away completely after stitching, these will fade but remain visible. The sashiko thread will completely cover the design lines so it won't matter.