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Stencil for Sashiko, Boro & Visible Mending, Ice Crystal

$11.99 CAD

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 Ice Crystals sashiko stencil.  This is a pretty design for table top projects, but it is also a great look for stitching on your blue jeans!  Use all or only partial areas of the stencil to create your own look.

This stencil is a style of Sashiko stitching called Hitome-zashi (one stitch Sashiko) and creates a dense stitching making it suitable for mending areas of heavy wear.

Choose 4" or 6" size when placing your order.

You might prefer a thin sashiko thread for this design- or not- in the example in the photographs here it is stitched with the Olympus sashiko thread 20 meter skeins

 About the Stencil:

The stencil is made of a composite fibre that is strong, washable, bendable, & not easy to tear (I tried, it doesn't tear although it is thin, it will stretch if you pull hard enough, so don't do that :-D).  You can use almost any transfer pen or pencil with these, unlike the thicker acrylic plastic stencils which need a long thin tip to reach the fabric.

Easy to store, space saving, and not breakable.