Stencils for Stitching

Stencil for Sashiko, Boro & Visible Mending

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Sashiko & Boro Stencil

About the design:

This Sashiko design dates back to the 1600's and would have been found stitched on cuffs, shoulder's, collars, knees or wherever the cloth became thin and weak from wear.  Usually a patch of stronger cloth was boro sashiko stitched over the area to keep the garment usable.  This technique was also used to mend household fabrics. 

About the Stencil:

The stencil is made of a composite fibre that is strong, washable, bendable, & not easy to tear (I tried, it doesn't tear although it is thin and has a 'paper-y fibre feel).  You can use almost any transfer pen or pencil with these, unlike the thick acrylic plastic stencils which need a long thin tip to reach the fabric.

Making Designs from the Stencil:

Beyond stitching the stencil design as you see it, I've added a few photos to inspire you to find more designs and ideas for stitching.

      • Size: 12mm x 12mm (4" x 4"). Pattern area is 10mm x 10mm.
      • Stencil thickness is 0.2mm.
      • Easy to store, space saving, reusable and not breakable.