Tombo-dama Sewing Pins


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Sewing pins made by hand at Kinari Glassworks in Osaka, these pins are a special treat to own. They are things of beauty as well as tiny functional tools!  The pinheads measure approximately 5mm in diameter and the pin shafts are long and thin with sharp tips (approx 1 1/2").

Near the pin head you can see the markings on the metal from the heat of the flame caused as each is pin head is heated and formed.

Tombo-dama literally means "dragonfly's eye" because these beautiful glass beads resemble the mysterious eyes of dragonflies. 

Each package contains 3 pins. If you buy more than one package the pins may be quite similar but they will not be identical because they are individually handmade. 

Made in Japan for Cohana.

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