Cohana Magnetic Pin Holder


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This pin holder is not just a sewing notion, it is a piece of ceramic art that you will enjoy for a long long time.  It has been individually handcrafted to resemble a spool of sewing thread, then glazed and fired at low temperature to obtain a texture reminiscent of ancient pottery. It is a blend of beauty and function. 

Everything about this magnetic pin holder speaks of excellence in craftsmanship. 

The strong magnet, which easily grabs and holds pins and needles from both the inside and outside of the spool is not visible, and the sharp tips of your pins and needles are protected from the ceramic surface by a dense felt pad.

This pin holder is made by the Ishimaru Togei Company of Hasami.  The town of Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan has a 400-year history of producing the highest-quality ceramics, which are collectively known as Hasami ware.  


  • 35cm wide X 45 cm wide
  • Heavy enough to use as a paper or fabric weight, it will not easily be knocked over.


  • Please use the product away from computers, cell phones, electronic devices, and other items that are affected by magnetism. The magnetic is strong :-)

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