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Sashiko Stencil Toridasuki Mon

QH Textiles

On Sale: Recently I tried these stencils and although I like the features I describe below, I found the plastic brittle, so I have discounted the price.  If you work on a flat surface they may last well, but I found I the bridges broke rather easily.

Great stencil stitching designs for your sashiko or boro stitching projects. Each package contains 2 stencils with the same design in two size scales. This offers wider design potential for your projects. Make repeats, connect the repeats, or use single or clustered repeats of the design across your project. Mix them in the same project, or adjust the scale to suit your project. The design possibilities and many!   Firmer plastic than most stencil plastics. The packaging gives directions for making repeats.

When using stencils to put sashiko designs on your fabric, trace through the stencil onto the right side of your fabric with a wash away or iron away fabric pen, or a chalk pencil.  

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